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Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc.

Our more colorful products

Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc. continues to supply liner inventory for the Gardener's Confidence®, First Editions®, Encore® Azalea and Southern Living® brands.


We are the one stop shop for liners, containers, and tags.


We have not forgotten the non-patented "tried and true" plant material and continue to include them in our production.

Loropetalum Ruby
Autumn Sunburst
Lord Baltimore
Hydrangea Strawberry Sundae
Gardenia Double Mint
Vitex Flipside
Autumn Royalty
Magnolia Centennial Blush
Illicium 'Florida Sunshine'
Autumn Bonfire
Hydrangea Froggie
Autumn Carnation
Ilex 'Red Sprite'
Lagerstroemia Pink Pig
Buddleia Black Knight

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